Minecraft Server at College


Aug 1, 2012
So I have been scrounging the internet trying to find any information leading to my ability to host a server on my computer from my college network (San Jose State). What I believe I have learned is that my the network has filter/blocked many of the incoming/outgoing ports on the network so that my buddies can't connect to my external IP address. What I was wondering is, how can I go about getting my friends connected to my server from this computer in my dorm? Do I need to search for open ports on my network? Also, if you cannot help me with that, how can I get friends from the school, connected to the same network, just not my personal router in my dorm room connected to my minecraft server. Any help is much appreciated, thank you! feel free to ask for any clarifications on the subject.

Most likely it is not possible you likely share the real ip with lots of other people which means you cannot do port mapping.

Your only hope is to use a VPN service where you build a connection to a outside service that give you a IP that everyone can connect to and you tunnel it back. This of course is not going to be free. You might be able to build direct VPN tunnels to each of your friends but that will be very dependent on them not having the same network problem you do.