Question Minecraft shaders performance has suddenly halved itself ?

Feb 6, 2021
Hello. I play on a Minecraft server with my friends, on which i play with shaders. Now, for the first few weeks, all was perfect. Shaders on high settings got anywhere from 70-117FPS. but then weeks later, i noticed that the frames would slowly decrease, starting in the 100's and slowly decreasing to low 50's over a period of about 10 minutes. Going into the nether and then returning would reset the 'timer' on it. I tried asking around reddit, a discord where the shader's creator stays. No luck. My base isn't crazy, i have no insane farms going nearby, and i have basically an entire continent to myself. That was weeks ago. Now when i start with shaders, the 'counter' starts at about 60 and goes down to 40 immediately. Playing with the settings of the shader does nothing to the fps, it's exactly the same on low performance mode as it is on ultra. Would anyone have a clue as to what's going on?


Sep 28, 2018
My best guess might be thermal throttling? You can download that software then say what your CPU and GPU temps are after you play for a while. Also put in what GPU and CPU you have. As to why the nether might reset the timer, is because the nether is in fact much less intensive so the pc might be able to have a break. And if your temps are fine we can try to see if allocating 4GB of ram to your minecraft would help. It could be in fact the owner might have made some changes to the server or something like that, that could be causing it.