News Minecraft With Ray Tracing Will Likely Require RTX 2060 or Better for 1080p at 60 FPS


Oct 23, 2019
Not "ouch". Ray Tracing is very resource-intensive. There's a reason why Nvidia went with a hardware solution instead of a software solution. it's very unfortunate that AMD downplayed the importance of real-time Ray Tracing to the point where people are just acting unsensible about it.
Anybody who loves gaming should be praising Nvidia for pushing this graphical technology or method of improving graphics. Nvidia did not invent Ray Tracing. But they did work with Microsoft and they're DXR API so that as soon as it was ready they had hardware that would use it. If we're not politically driven then there should be nobody complaining.
It's unfortunate the popular tech tubers and some tech journalist sites are convincing people that buying the cheapest possible stuff because of price per performance is the best thing for them. Now all those people seem to do is complain all the time because everything's too expensive.
I would love everything to be a dollar too. But that's not going to drive innovation is it? Competition isn't the only thing that is good for consumers. Sometimes companies have to take a risk and a leap of faith in consumers to adopt a good technology.
If AMD was the first to bring out the ray tracing technology and even sold their gpus at the same price the media would be bearing down to them and giving them the highest praise.
What is our world coming to? Do people really not understand how bad the socialist mindset is for a society?
Sure it works at home with the family but that's where it actually works. The money goes from the parents to the kids. That's because it's for a noble purpose. The nurturing of the children and their well-being.
Anyway anyway I am glad that Nvidia is working with these games. Everyone should be happy about this because people were complaining that there wasn't enough games. That their hardware wasn't strong enough. Well now we have older games that people can enjoy Ray Tracing with.
If AMD customers are unhappy they should then write a letter to AMD and tell them to put some ray-tracing support in their drivers so that they can play these games too.

It it is really that simple. AMD is the only one holding AMD back and their fans.
I I am sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes because I am on my mobile phone and it autocorrects by itself.
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