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Submerged Oil cooling discussions

This thread is dedicated to linking to Oil Submersion or Oil cooling solutions discussed within the forums as well as other public URLs for quick reference. It is meant to operate as a collection of interactions, ideas and discussions for the many threads that tend to surface from time to time so all members can easily browse each for quick Q/A on the subject. This thread will be maintained as-needed for all such discussions and links to help maintain a collective repository on the subject of oil submersion/cooling.

There are numerous links and forums on the web with this as a main discussion topic, so please utilize the following as a starting point for info and ideas as well as some search engine queries to find additional links as well. Please PM a myself or any Moderator if you find links to add to this collection.

Misc. Web Links:

Puget Systems Mineral Oil Submersion PCs

Indestructables.com Submerged Mineral Oil PC project

Overclock.net Mineral Oil Submerged Computer

Tom's Hardware Forum Discussion Links:

Mineral Oil PC

Oil Cooled Computer, in a Water bath - Instructor/student project, great read

Oil cooling?? I am confused

Submerged Oil Cooling working?

Mineral Oil instead of water

Mineral Oil computer

Watercooling- Mineral Oil is King(??)

Oil Cooling

Mineral Oil Becoming Mainstream?

Ultimate Cooling Solution (??) For Ultimate PC

Oil cooled PC pump and rad

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