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Mini DisplayPort to DVI/VGA Adapter For PC


Jan 20, 2013
Hi everyone,

I have 4 screens (19", 2X 17" and a 20" i think...) Anyway, as my new build is coming together (only need the CPU, HDD and Cooler.) I'm getting dual XFX R7950 Double D Black Editions:


Now all is swell, since 1 monitor is going on the DVI input, i also have a HDMI to DVI adapter, BUT for the other 2 screens i need 1 MiniDP to VGA and 1 MiniDP to DVI or just 2 to VGA, Whatever is cheaper. I tried my dad's Apple MiniDP to VGA adapter but it doesn't work. Only works on his Macs, my monitor gets flickering and stuff.

So i asked my brother to buy and bring me one off amazon. It's something simmilar to this one:


But anyway is there any MDP to DVI/VGA adapters (cheap) that will work for PC?


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