Mini DP to DP causes no signal detected and virtually locks up PC.

Gregory Weldon

Dec 9, 2014
I'll include a TL;DR at the bottom for those who may not need any additional context.

I bought a custom laptop from Origin back in 2015 because I was moving to Kuwait for a bit to do contracting work. It has an HDMI port in the back and a miniDP port on the side. I used a miniDP to DP cable on a BenQ 1080p 144hz monitor with no issues.

I move out to Kuwait, build a new desktop, and don't touch my laptop unless I'm on vacation.

I moved back to the states awhile ago and I can't justify building a desktop because of GPU prices, but that's fine because this laptop is beefy enough (still has a GTX 980). I buy a new monitor (Asus ROG 2K 144hz (maybe 165hz, I can't remember now and I'm at work and it probably doesn't matter anyway), and I hook it up with the same miniDP to DP cable, only this time it not only doesn't detect a signal but when I swap to that input it virtually locks up my PC. I say virtual because if I, for example, right click and wait awhile, a right click menu will eventually show up. I've tried 3 different cables.

So I thought my port itself on the laptop got busted sometime in my time overseas. But last night I bought a miniDP to HDMI cable to test it. Works perfectly, so the port works.

I finally have time to take it this weekend to a friend's house to test it on his desktop to see if it's the monitor, but I'm looking for possible non monitor related issues. Occam's razor has me doubting pretty hard that it's the monitor that's broken.

-Bought custom laptop in 2015
- used miniDP to DP on 1080p 144hz monitor no problem
- move back to states, using 2k 144hz monitor, using same cable.
- HDMI works fine, but DP causes laptop to almost freeze up entirely.
- miniDP to HDMI works just fine.