Hi all, a photo shoot of my latest build for the small office downstairs.

8GB of 1600 DDR3
MSi Mini ITX board
320GB Momentus XT HDD
Morex 350 Case
90W Pico PSU
75W DC power brick

All in about £300 ex OS, currently running win 7 64 and win 8 64.


Cabling is tight, the Pico PSU was a 20pin, I'd advise getting a 150W version (£31 vs £27) as that would be 24pin, however getting a mobo with the 24pin socket in a more normal position (near the top of the RAM slots and not the bottom, would be better. Likewise with the case header, in this case it was in the top right and should have been at the bottom of the RAM slots to make it easier.


As it was I needed a 20 to 24pin converter, and some extension cables for the power switch and LED.

The complete build ended up as below, and is about the same size as a decent sized hardback book. It does have slots for a Vesa 100 mount and so it could end up behind the monitor (current monitor has vesa 75's by the look of it.) There are USB ports behind the front panel that could hold a wifi USB dongle, but the one I brought was too long.





I will be swapping the Momentus Xt for my crucial M4 when i get a bigger SSD for the main box.

Most components were easy to source, however Linxitx.com provided the case, pico PSU and brick, my normal source for components was a lot more expensive for the pico PSU so shop around for these more specialist components.

Its significantly quieter than my laptop, that it is replacing, idles at about 30C (its pulling fresh air directly onto the HSF), and is not constrained by the laptop form factor so is running at desktop speed, just need to get a bigger monitor now :)
Power readings have now been taken at the wall, 9W off, 25W idle, and 50W under prime 95. A little disappointed with the off value, but the idle and load values are both good. yet to update bios, that might make a difference of the off value.