Question Mini-ITX PSU wattage?


Mar 6, 2018
I'm currently planning on downsizing my PC to a mini-itx build and will need to get a sfx PSU. I'm stuck on what wattage would be better for this particular build?

Ryzen 7 2700x (No Overclock)
16GB DDR4 3200mhz Corsair RGB Ram
Aorus GTX 1080 8G (No Overclock)
x2 M.2 NVME drives
x1 256gb SSD
Corsair Gaming keyboard, mouse, and headset.

I have used a couple of the PSU calculators online, but I know they're not always that accurate but I thought it was worth getting an idea. I'm recommended that the system will need roughly 410W to run. I'm not bothered about overclocking anything, but will potentially upgrade to a Ryzen 3000 series, and a RTX 3000 Series in the future so I need to account for that too.
I'm looking at the Corsair SF600 600W at the moment, but will happily get a lower wattage PSU to save money if it's viable!
I have a very similar build in a Rajintek case. The only really significant difference is the R7 1700 rather than a 2700x. I use a Corsair SF600 and it does really well.

I will note that in my own case I cannot OC even the 1700 due to heat. I run the GTX1080 at stock with a fairly aggressive fan curve as well. I had to slightly modify my case in that it came with a plexi side panel that I replaced with "critter cage" for air flow, and had to turn the rear fan around as an intake instead of exhaust.
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I'd go with the 600W. That amount of overhead is good.
I think you might get away with 500W....but the money saved is probably small...and I wouldn't want to be that close anyway. I see 500 watts as potentially risky...and 600 watts as being safe.
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Be specifically aware that you must pay attention closely to the details when building ITX and particularly pay attention to your motherboard connector layout in relation to the cable lengths on your PSU. The Corsair has some pretty short cables. You can buy extensions or custom, of course, but these are things to know up front.
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