Question Mini-STX motherboard with G4600?

Feb 9, 2020
Hello all,

My Deskmini 100w (h110m-stx motherboard) has been causing a lot of issues lately.
  • First the M.2 SSD port basically died. BIOS diagnostic always fails on HDD test, even though I confirmed my 960 EVO drive works in other systems and tried a different 970 SSD.
  • Second, the LAN port stops working randomly (gets stuck on "identifying network") and requires a restart.
  • Third, the m.2 wifi can not find any networks even when using the latest intel 3160 drivers. I have ordered a 9260 module to check if its the port or the card itself.
Third, I can not restart / shutdown the PC the normal way from Start > restart / shutdown. When I do this the screen goes black but PC is still on requiring me to manually hold down the power button.

All these signs are pointing to a defective motherboard which is out of warranty. I have also updated the BIOS and reinstalled windows 10 more times than I can count.

My issue now is that, I am having a VERY hard time finding a replacement motherboard which would support all my current hardware:

CPU: Intel Pentium G4600
Memory: G-Skill 8GB DDR4 2400
Storage: SAMSUNG 960 EVO 500GB NVMe SSD M.2

I understand I would need to purchase a new motherboard + PC Case + PSU (possibly) but even then, I have not been able to find many choices.

The only motherboard I found is Gigabyte GA-H110MSTX-HD3. Another option is ASRock H310CM-HDV but the specs only support 300 series LGA 1151 CPUs, which the G4600 is not.

I would like to go with a mini-STX motherboard as this is a low profile PC for HTPC. What are your thoughts? What is my best option here? Thanks!!