Mar 16, 2011
Hey guys,

So my current PSU is spazzing out and I am looking to get a new one. I know I want it to be modular and at least bronze certified. My only question left is how much wattage should I get. I currently have a 750w PSU (Ultra brand) and it seemed to be working fine, but since I am buying a new one I want it to last me through future upgrades. My current system is seen below. If i were to upgrade my graphics card to GTX 680 or something around that level of graphics, what would be the minimum wattage that I would need. Am I still cool with 750w or do I need to upgrade to 850w? Also if you could recommend a brand that would be awesome (kind of new to this). I hear Cosair, Seasonic, and Antec are good, but they are also pricy. Budget is preferably >$150. Thanks in advance.

CPU: Intel i5 2500k
MOBO: ASUS Z68 Gen-3
RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 mHz
GPU: EVGA GTX 460 768 MB
PSU: 750w Ultra brand
HDD: 1x80GB, 1x500GB
Optic: Standard DVD reader
Case: NZXT Phantom 410
Fans: 3x140mm, 3x120mm fans
The published PSU requirements are 550W.

So although it's recommended to have a 550W PSU for a single GTX 680,

so 750W will do just fine for u.

This one is great for the budget buyers...

Bit better from Antec....

And here is gold cert. from Seasonic...



Jun 7, 2010
Since the minimum recommended power for a GTX 680 is 550W, a 750W would be fine, but you could also use a 650W PSU, as long as going the SLI is not something you think you will pursue.

I say this because Newegg has a great deal on the Seasonic X650 Gold, which is the 650W version of the Seasonic posted by Nikorr. It is $140, with a $40 off promo code active through tomorrow. I would seriously consider this power supply, as it will more than meet your needs, is very efficient, and is such a good quality unit.

If you would prefer the extra capacity afforded (but not needed) by a 750W, Nikorr suggestions are very good, and I would also toss in there the Corsair TX750M and the XFX Core 750W, even though it isn't modular:


i am not disagreeing with that philosophy. ran his rig through the psu calc in my sig and came up with 425 watts max (77% of 550) doubtful it stays that high gaming.

just gave the "low ball" doubt it gets picked with the larger budget. :)
Gaming power consumption of an overclocked I7-965 / X58 / GTX680 system, with extra bling
307 watt AC
~89% efficiency
272 watt DC load on the psu
Hmm, that would be 50% load on a 550 watt psu when running a game like application, plenty of overhead

Power consumption difference between I7-965 and I5-2500k ( AC )
65 watts idle
93 watts load

Unless you're planning on running F@H or power viruses like Prime and Furmark 24/7, the 550 watt reccomendation for the GTX 680 is plenty, as long as it's a good quality psu