Question minimum requirements for a pc to stream at 1080p60 on youtube

Jun 21, 2021
I have a good gaming PC with an old GPU. My pc gives me a decont performance and fulfil all my needs. But I was unaware of the fact that earlier AMD GPU's have poor encoder, that is why I am unable to stream @ 1080p60 on youtube. So I was thinking to build a second PC for streaming only as I have a spare capture card. What will be the minimum requirements for a pc to stream at 1080p60 on youtube?( Pls suggest the build of price as low as possible, and I preffer not to use recently launched products as they are very expensive and are not available in second hand market)
What is the spare capture card that you have?

If you have a half way recent Intel CPU the integrated iGPU can handle the streaming without putting any strain on your system at all.

If you build a second system you will also have to provide a way to split your HDMI output and send one to your monitor and one to your second system as an input, otherwise you will have to play by looking at the capture on the second system and that will add a lot of lag. At that point maybe you should consider an external device that will record you gameplay on SD cards, those are kinda cheap at least ,you won't need a second system and you will be able to upload your videos later.

A 10th gen Celeron with 8Gb RAM will be more than able to handle the streaming if you want live streaming.
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Wow. YouTube doesn't make that easy to find at all. There is a "creators helpdesk" within the YouTube help channels, but you have to allow a third party access that I didn't want to hit for just being helpful. (I don't stream). The most common reply that I found online in searching for "minimum requirements to stream to YouTube" was a reply to "look at requirements for Twitch.
Twitch on the other hand has some very helpful information about what is needed to get your target resolution and frames.