Minimum spec for 5760x1080 no gaming


Sep 15, 2010

I want to buy/build a PC that can do handle three 1920x1080 monitors. I don't mind if it's a 'single desktop' Eyefinity-stlye or extended across three in the normal multi-monitor fashion. I don't game and I don't need to watch HD video, it's really just a productivity thing for web/email/office etc.

I know a Radeon 5450 is supposed to do this, but does it, really? And what sort of underlying system would I need - could I make do with a fairly low-budget system, say Celeron Dual Core? What about RAM?

Would two cards be a better bet?



a single 5xxx series ati card would be the best bet. If your not doing gaming a 5450 might be all you need. Im not sure that when running such a high resolution that a better card will provide any improvement with desktop apps, maybe someone else can answer that. Running multiple applications at once, you would be better off with a lower end quad core cpu, something from AMD (athlonII x4)would be a good choice, and 2-4gb ram, depending on the applications you are using. This would make for a zippy office computer that will last you few years.
I don't believe the HD5450 can actually use Eyefinity but for three monitors operating independently you don't need it. You should be able to use any low end card for two monitors and operate the third off of onboard graphics from the motherboard.
For basic office use something like this would be good;
That's $232 shipped after the promo codes on the case and power supply and there's a $10 mail in rebate as well.. The only thing missing is a hard drive. Any of these would be good choices;
Depending on what you want to spend and how much space you need.
Keep in mind all the promo codes on the items I've linked expire today so there will be better choices for the money tomorrow most likely.

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