Question Mining 3090 or light load 3080ti ?

Jul 17, 2022
Is it better to buy a 3090 FE with fans running at 100% for the last 4 or 5 months, or to buy a 3080Ti which was only gamed on weekend to weekend if they are the same price?
Used marketplace is pretty much my only option because new versions of each model are close to twice the cost if not more.
I will be mainly using the card for 1440p gaming, streaming and editing/rendering videos from time to time.
I asked for the 3090 FE's thermals:
Memory temps fluctuate between 86 and 95 and the gpu itself is at 55-65 and it still is using the stock thermal pads and compound. What I'm concerned about is he always runs the fans at 100% and I am worried about if it is harmful or not.
Same price, the extra memory on the 3090 is worth it.

Fans on full isnt a big deal.. its a better card with more memory and is worth a lot more. Fans are 20 bucks a piece at most. And usually, fans last the entire life of a card even when running full tilt.