Question Mining related issue - 2nd psu won't work

Mar 19, 2022
Hello Fellow Miners,

I've just built my mining rig, 24 GPUs which I have before -long story short, I used to have a lan center and closed due covid- So I'm running 5 GPUs in my first rig all of them are Zotac 2070 which I have Thermal take 730 PSU for the motherboard and the other components and Cougar 1050. When I jump start the 1050 it does nothing only the fans moves for split second and stops after that. I've tried the 24Pin that goes to the main and splits into a jumper. same thing, My guess that the 1050 have a failsafe or something that prevent it from bridging.
and yes when I plug the 1050 into the motherboard it works fine.

TLDR; Cougar PSU can't be bridged or jump start


Not sure how the physical connections are being made to the 5 GPUs.

Perhaps as shown in the following link? [Not not endorsing or recommending the link in any manner. The purpose of the link is to simply determine via the Step 5 diagram if those connections are what you are using.]

Step 5 diagram

This GPU?

Zotac 2070

From the link:

"Power Consumption With a rated board TDP of 215W, it requires at least a 650W PSU with one available 8-pin connector."

The "Max Power" is listed at 215 Watts. The recommended PSU for one card is 650 watts.

With the low "Max power" value of 215 watts per GPU the 5 GPUs require 1,075 watts. Very likely each GPU requires much more....

Overall, my thought is that Cougar 1050 is unable to support 5 of the GPU's

Probably good that nothing is happening. Otherwise you may have smoke and fire to deal with.