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Question Minor Bootloop issue - Failed MB or Memory?

Jun 26, 2021
Hey guys, First time poster, long time reader. Thank you all for your help over the last 6 years. This was ALWAYS my go to forum for help and information.

That said here is whats going on:
For quite awhile now I've been having issues with my system getting stuck in a bootloop on code 32. Whats strange is the issue is not 100% persistent but it is highly common & requires me to keep my computer running at all times.
  1. PC running normally, I decide to shut down.
  2. Start PC back up with no hardware changes. -> System goes into bootloop
  3. Suffocate PC with power button.
  4. Remove 1 stick of ram -> System boots with no issues
  5. Power down system
  6. Reinstall stick that was removed -> System Boots with no issues
-> If I try to reboot with 2 sticks there is a 75% chance it will loop and require the above process.
-> I should also note I've tried this same process with both my my RAM sticks being the only 1 installed (so after bootloop issues the system is able to boot no issue with either of my sticks being the only one installed.)
-> Appears it does not matter which one is removed, just that one gets removed.

What I'm trying to figure out is which component is failing? My motherboard or my memory? Or am I looking at this wrong and is it a possible CPU failure?
Would love to get my computer fixed without spending a whole bunch on parts to test D:

MB: Gigabyte Z97X - Gaming 7
CPU: i7-4790k @ 4.0
Memory: Vengeance CMY16GX3M2A2400C11R
GPU: GTX 1080
Boot Storage: SATA SSD

No rush, thank you for your time! My PC still runs and plays, just makes me jump through hoops to get there sometimes.