Mionix Refreshes 'Avior' Mouse With New Sensor, Color Options

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What exactly does this mouse do that justifies its price tag? Its design is generic, it has fewer buttons than most other gaming mice, and it uses the same sensor that can be found in some under-$20 gaming mice on Amazon, which have 7 programmable buttons, lots of RGB lighting, and positive user reviews. This mouse seems to have color options, and not much more.

And since when are French Fries bright yellow? That is clearly banana taffy.


Apr 19, 2010
Tabs and glue in it's assembly instead of just tabs? Better quality plastic? Wiring that's got a nice fat glob of solder that covers the power / signal cable instead of a smidgen that barely covered a strand of wire? Buttons that won't fail the first year of ownership?

I'm not saying the price is reasonable. This mouse should be around $40 for its features.

Probably the "pink tax". Those color pallets are quite feminine. IMHO.
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