Question Mirco Screen Tear?

Nov 26, 2020
Hello everybody, just built my first rig. ASUS TUF GTX 1660 Super OC, 16 GB RAM 2666 HZ, ASUS B460 Plus, and an Intel i3-10100. Across every game I've played thus far, I've been getting micro screen tearing, and possible stuttering. This includes Halo Reach and CE, Black Mesa, Garry's Mod, Dead Space 2 and DOOM 2016.

I'm using an Asus VG248QE monitor, which can go up to 144HZ, but have capped it to 60 through display settings on Windows 10, so I can get smooth gameplay + best possible graphical fidelity. Even if I cap games to 60 frames per second, I still get micro screen tear.

Something worth noting, the screen tear is MUCH worse if I have Vsync disabled on Nvidia control panel. If I don't have it activated via control panel, it's almost like having Vsync enabled in game does nothing to help the screen tearing. The in game options practically effect nothing, across all the titles I've tested.

Any ideas? Thanks a ton. I appreciate it. Building my first PC was a bit of a nightmare, and now this lol


Try set monitor back to 144Hz or maybe try 120. When using ingame Vsync, Nvidia Vsync must be set to application control.

Try fast sync as well.

Could also try limit fps to 59fps if monitor is set to 60Hz. Enable Nvidia Vsync or application control ~ game's Vsync.

Another idea is disable fullscreen optimisation under compatibility for the game's exe.