Question Mirrored Drive not showing up in Disk Manager ?

Jan 15, 2021
I screwed up when swapping 2 mirrored drives (I'll call them M and N) from my PC for larger drives (X and Y). I did not delete them (M and N) in Disk Manager before I removed them from the PC.

Here's the more complete story. After removing drives M and N from the PC, I put them into an external enclosure to use as backup drives. Only drive M showed up with its previously assigned drive letter, D. Even though both M and N were in the enclosure, M showed as a single drive in Disk Manager- not as a mirrored drive. I turned everything off and ensured that drive N was correctly installed. Drive M was the only one showing and it still did not show as a mirrored drive. I returned M and N to their original positions in the PC. M shows up fine as a single drive, not mirrored. Drive N is still not seen. I shut the computer down and double checked the connections on N drive but it was still not visible.

I put the N drive into an enclosure and connected that to my laptop, Windows 10 also. It was still not visible in Disk Manager.

Is there a way to make the N drive visible- ie un-mirror it?

I'm using Windows 10 Pro so it has the capability to mirror drives.