Question Missing Computer(s) on Network

Jun 8, 2020
Hi There,

Long time reader of Tom's Hardware but first time poster. I've tried to post this on another ahem Canadian tech forum and couldn't get the support required, hoping someone can help or send me in the right direction.

I have a total of 4 x computers in my house that are all connected via Cat6 to my router. No issues with internet connectivity. The problem is seeing / accessing the computers in File Explorer Networks with one particular computer.

The problematic computer is only able to see itself as a node on the network and is not able to see the other three computers. However the other machines can all see it and access it (and see/access each other) without any issues, it's very frustrating.

Below is the unsuccessful troubleshooting done already :
  • Changed the Cat6 cables around between computers & router ports.
  • Function Discovery Host & Function Discovery Resource Publication have been set to Automatic (Delayed start) on all four machines.
  • Enabled SMBv1/CIFS/SMB Direct in optional features.
What is perplexing me the most is that I'm able to ping all three other computers from the problematic one in dos with 0% packet loss.

Any suggestions or ideas folks?

Thanks in advance,
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