Missing hd audio drivers


Aug 1, 2013
Hi all,
I had the "Nvidia - Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" error for two months.
I tried nearly all the solutions on the internet to fix this but none of them solved it.
I heard about that hd audio drivers can cause this problem.
I uninstalled the realtek hd audio drivers but that didn't fix the problem.
I was so frustrated that I got into system32/drivers and system32/DriverStore and deleted all hdaudio, hdaudbus and hdaudss files, about 20 files. Interestingly I haven't got any graphic driver errors since then.
But of course I can use neither my microphone nor my speakers because it says no audio device installed. I reinstalled different realtek hd audio drivers again and again but no chance!
Now in my device manager There are three High Definition Audio Controller that have got exclamation mark with them.

I think that those files which are deleted come with windows install not with realtek drivers. So should I reinstall windows or can I get a package of driver files somewhere?

Note: I use GA-Z97M-D3H motherboard and its sound chip


Oct 31, 2015
Nvidia is your graphic card ?
Realtek is your MB sound chip ?
Those 2 are in no way connected.
Nvidia sound drivers for HDMI come with you GPU drivers.
Realtek drivers you can find at Realtek site.

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