Question missing Microsoft audio setting

Mar 19, 2019
I was going through my HP that I got as a replacement for my old Acer aspire, I noticed that the advanced audio was missing 3 settings including equalizer, and simulated environments. anyone know why and how I don't have those settings and how to get them on my HP
Which brand and model?
Sometimes from my experience, the windows 10 provides that stuff.
I guess depending from Audio chipset, like my old H81M did not provide also the settings like you do, because I think the realtek (For my motherboard) did not wanted to pay extra money to implement into the software, but with driver modding I could get it working.

Phillip Corcoran

It depends on the particular sound card make & model (and it's driver & utility software) that your PC has.
Your old Acer would probably have had a different sound card and probably more comprehensive audio utility software.

Windows 10 will only show you a full range of audio settings if that particular sound card and it's drivers supports those features.

Alternatively, it may be because the sound card is using the default audio driver provided by Windows rather than the audio driver from HP support. Check the HP website for drivers for your PC model.