Question Missing powercable from motherboardbox

Sep 30, 2021
Hello! When I was upgrading my fans the other day I noticed that the power cable tor my fan controller wasn’t in my motherboard box. I think that it wasn’t there from the beginning when it left the factory. I have contacted Asus as well as the store I bought it from but really nothing helpful have come forward and I don’t want to take it to the warranty as this is the second motherboard I have replaced in a somewhat of a short while, and I don’t want the same clerk to think that I’m annoying or stupid as well as I have already built it with hardline tubing and removing would be just plain annoying. /Thanks

Its an Asus ROG Maximus XIII extreme Z590
i remember checking out this board and seeing the included fan hub.
when searching further i never did see any sign of it actually being attached or used in any of the gallery images.
possibly they have just left it out of the packaging for this model for some stupid reason.

checking just now in the included contents listing and there's no mention of USB or SATA power cable included.
all it states is Fan Control Box

you can clearly see the cable(s) alongside the fan hub in the contents image though:

ASUS is not very good at handling issues like this.
my cooler came with only 2x Intel 115x standoffs and thumbscrews in the accessories packaging and when contacting them for support they first told me to drive ~600 miles to a service center and let them "fix" it.
after requesting escalation for the support ticket i got an agent telling me they will contact their repair facility and see if they have any extra accessories to send me.
a month later they just responded with a, "nope sorry". and that was it.
there only other option was to RMA the entire 360mm cooler for a <$2 set of of accessories.

one thing you can try is to just keep pestering them with messages stating that their agents are incompetent and you need to speak to someone from a higher tier of support and to escalate your ticket further along.