Question Mistakenly i activated my hdd drive as a primary partition to recover or undo it

It would appear that your drive has been partitioned at least twice.

In the first instance the partitions appear to have been 524GB + 252GB + 224GB.

The second (and most recent?) partitions appear to be 331GB + 349GB + 321GB.

The drive now has a single 1TB partition (Primary A).

I would double-click each of the partitions in the second set and expand the Root. Confirm that you can now see your correct file/folder tree. You could do the same for the first set (to confirm that they are old data).

At this point you should consider backing up your data to a second HDD.

Otherwise, r-click the Primary (A) partition and select Remove the Partition.

Now r-click the 331GB partition and select Insert the Partition (Undelete).

Exit and reboot. Save the changes when prompted.
Mar 2, 2019
at the first i was 4 partition including c drive( all have minimum 200 gb ) then i bought ssd and .. distribute the old c drive among the all drive.