Mix and matching for SLI/CF


Feb 9, 2011

Just a quick note i want to make absolutely sure.

I've got an offer on 2 different GTX 560 ti's.
One Gainward/one Zotac.

It's to my googling understanding, as long as i have the same chip/card BRAND manufacturer doesn't matter in these days?
I'm aware getting the same is naturally best, but if i can sli with these different brands, ive got a hell of an offer.

Pro-gamer, your attempt at humor may not be appreciated by someone who is not all that savvy.
mrmacman, you can SLI with cards of different brands, as long as they're the same card; in this case your pair of GTX560ti's should work together fine. Make sure you have a PSU that can handle the load, and has sufficient connectors (typically something from a quality brand like Seasonic, Antec, or Corsair, in the 650W range).

Edit: if the cards have different specs, the faster one will downclock to the speed of the slower one when they are paired in SLI.


I am running a MSI GTX470 refrence board with a PNY GTX470 refrence board. Runs great.
I also have an evga 8800gt super clocked that I used to run with a bfg 8800gt at refrenced speeds. That worked ok too.

I have run cards from different manufacturers in the past and it's still possible to do the same with the current generation, please check your facts in future.


Mar 16, 2010

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