MIx memory sticks.

To be honest it's almost complete pot luck with different memory modules. You're ALWAYS safer getting multiples of the same RAM module (ideally even in the same pack).

Adding in different types of RAM sticks is a 50/50 bet, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. The closer the voltages, speeds, sizes are, the more likely they are to get on, but there's really no guarantee. So mixing RAM is never a recommended practice, but it CAN work. As long as you set it up to so that none of your modules end up down-clocking one another.

So IMO, you're always best just getting a matching pair, as it can be an expensive chore to buy and install mixed RAM, to find that they don't work together.

On top of this, If i read correctly, the 2 modules you have there, the Crucial is UDIMM, whilst the Corsair is DIMM. Which are 2 different form factors, and therefore used for different set ups, which may cause some problems.


Aug 9, 2017

I`ve read on the internet that UDIMM its the same as DIMM
As Zerk2012 said, by all accounts it should work, but as I said, It's virtually pot luck. It's never great practice to mix RAM sticks.

Equally UDIMM is just unbuffered DIMM, so yes they are effectively the same, as DIMM is a gerneric form factor, it's just more differences in RAM sticks can effect how well they work together. but they 'should' be compatible. But as I said, it's just an expensive chore to buy them and then find out they don't work. But they 'should' work.