Question Mixing 3 RAM sticks (two of the same model and one different) Does it affect my pc performance in gaming?

Jul 26, 2021
So, last year i upgraded my pc a little bit and bought myself a new ram stick (kingston hyperx fury (1x8gb), DDR4, 2666MHZ, CAS 16) and mixed it with my previous Ram sticks ( G.skill Ripjaws V series (2x4gb) ,DDR4, 2400MHZ, CAS 15). 16gb total. I didnt thought about it at the time but now i was thinking if the mixxing of the memories brand frecuency and latency, is giving me less performance in gaming. For some reason when i play the witcher 3 on ultra and hulk hogan mod 12.0, sometimes it gives me 100fps in game and other times 59-60 fps ON THE SAME ENVIROMENT OF THE GAME. I have the 2x4gb gskill in dual channel (DIMM_B2 and DIMM_A2, as it recomended on the motherboard manual) and the 1x8gb kingston on DIMM_B1. Is that what is causing less fps sometimes? maybe i have to have more memory? would buying another exact same kingston DDR4 ram memory better the situation? Is it possible that the problem is that i dont have an SSD? THANKS!

i5-10400 with stock cooler.
motherboard Rog Strix B460-H gaming.
amd radeon rx5600xt saphire pulse.
Powe supply (not sure about the exact model, becouse i bought it like 5 years agos and still works fine) XFX de 650w 80 plus bronce.
Ram (16gb total): G.skill Ripjaws V Series (2x4gb) de 2400MHZ DDR4 y kingston hyperx futy (1x8gb).
Gabinete NZXT S340 White.
2 HDD western digital 500gb and 1tb.


Retired Mod
So long as you put the two matched sticks in the DIMM_A2 and DIMM_B2 slots, and put the oddball in the DIMM_A1 slot, it should run in Flex mode giving you dual channel operation on the two matched sticks and single channel operation on the oddball. It should not affect your performance except possibly in a positive way IF it is a game that can use a lot of RAM.

However, there is definitely always a chance that they won't work together, at all, as mismatched RAM is like playing dice.

Read the section on MIXED MEMORY here: