Question Mixing 32GB 3200MHz and 16GB 3000MHz sticks


Nobody can answer that, truthfully, with any certainty. It's not about the model, the speeds, colors, brands, rgb or not, it's all about the fact you have 2 different batches of silicon chips. You could use identical everything ram, still have different batches.

Some kits will be like oil and vinegar, can be made to work with tinkering. Some are oil and water, which don't mix at all. And some will be like Oreo's and milk and mix perfectly.

You ask for a prediction based on absolute unknown and unpredictable data. The Only guarantee is that there are No guarantees when mixing kits. Anything can happen, you won't know until you try. This is why it's advised to get 1 kit with the size and speeds you want, the factory has already tested multiple sticks for compatibility. Buying a second kit, You become the tester, and could go through a thousand different kits and still not get compatibility with the original.

Or you might get lucky and get a second kit of Oreo's to go with your milk.