Mixing and matching ram sizes ddr3


Oct 4, 2009
I was wondering if it was ok to mix and match ram sizes from same company and ddr3 memory right now i have 2gb X 2 of ddr3 1600mhz ram from gskill i would like to get a 8gb set 4gb X 2 same speed and same manufacturer so i have a total of 12gb would that work? Thanks.


Jun 9, 2011
It will work but I think it will stop them from working in double channel mode which will reduce their speed by half. You may or may not notice it but if i were you I would just get more of the same ram I have seeing as 8 gigs is probably the sweet spot for ram.

No guarantee, but if the ram has the same voltage, and other characteristics, it is likely to work.
Current Intel cpu's seem to be more tolerant of mixed ram than in the past. Amd may not be so tolerant.

Split the ram up so you have 4gb and 2gb on each channel. That way you will still get dual channel operation.

If worst comes to worst, just use the 8gb kit.