Mixing brands of Memory.


Mar 20, 2009
Can you mix different brands of memory?
Because I'm thinking about getting some more RAM.
The RAM I'm looking at has a different timing and lower latency.
But I don't know if it would work.
What I have now
What I'm considering.
I'm considering this too. It's got an even Lower CAS latency and timing, but it's more expensive for less memory.

So If I replaced my current RAM with the Corsair ( x2 ) it would be about $120, but if I just got another set of the RAM I have now, it'd just be another $30.

Google didn't help me find the answer.
So please don't suggest I google it.
The CORSAIR Dominator requires too much voltage to be compatible with your current memory. Anyhow I wouldn't recommend memory modules that require so much voltage to achieve slightly lower timings.

Not all motherboards like 4 modules without increasing the voltage a bit and/or loosening the timings. Installing modules that have different characteristics could prove a bit challenging. You could certainly add a kit of identical A-DATA RAM. If you don't need more than 4 GB (unless you run VMs, you probably don't), buy a kit of G.Skill and sell the A-Data.