Mixing ram brands and overclocking


Jul 30, 2007
This will be my first ever computer build and overclocking so if anyone could clear this up that would really help. I recently picked up 2 X 1gb Patriot Extreme Ram with 4-4-4-12 timings for cheap after rebate. However, they only allow 1 rebate and I wanted to run with 4gb total for Vista 64 bit and gaming. I was thinking about picking up 2 X 1gb of Crucial Ballistix also with 4-4-4-12 timing (also cheap after rebate) so that I can have a total of 4gb. My question is, if I want to overclock my processor but I'm still within the DDR2-800 spec then I shouldnt have any problems since I am using two reputable brands of memory with the same timing? What if I wanted to overclock and am now outside DDR2-800 (possibly DDR2-900 or DDR2-1000)? Forgive me and correct me if i've said anything completely wrong, I'm still learing as I go. I havent bought a processor yet so this question may be moot. I was thinking about and E4400 and thus should easily still be withing DDR2-800 spec but I've read people having problems overclocking new chips to 3ghz (I've posted a question about this in the overclocking forum).


Aug 10, 2006
Well, the Crucial is either the same chips as the Patriot or better quality(depending on the revision of your Patriot). I have the Crucial personally, and it worked find at DDR2-960 with 4-4-4-12 timings and DDR2-1000 at 5-5-5-15 timings, all on stock voltage for it. The Patriot might not go as far, but it should still be able to get over DDR2-800 easily.
Memory tips:

You should only run your memory as fast as the slowest stick of memory in your system.

When overclocking ram, be sure to loosen your memory timings to ensure that your overclock is not hindered by timings.

You have flexibility of memory speeds by adjusting your memory:FSB ratio.