Question Mixing RAM from different kits from same brand & model, frequency but different timings

Dec 11, 2019
I've been running a 16GB (2×8) kit of XPG Spectrix D60G DDR4 3600MHz CL17 memory for a few months now and a few days ago decided to purchase order another kit of the same memory online.

Link to the memory:

But i just realised that the kit I ordered is a 3600MHz CL18 one instead of CL17 like the kit i have been using, will adding these dimms cause any issues?

For my motherboard I have the B450M Steel Legend, Steel Legend/
It doesnt support 3600Mhz memory speeds, so I tried to manual oc the memory as far as I could go and I've previously managed to get my kit to run at 3433 CL14 but it would very occasionally crash things so i dialed it back to 3400 CL14 and it's been running fine since. (both frequencies run at 1.4V)

Since I can't run them at their stock speeds and am running them lower than their rated speeds anyway, would that further decrease the odds of any issues coming up (if any)?

What would happen if i decide to upgrade my motherboard that can support higher speeds in the future and reuse the kits? Would it then be an issue that i'm running these 2 different kits?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

*I went with the 3600MHz kit even though my motherboard doesn't support those speeds because the price difference between this kit and the 3200MHz one was literally less than 5 USD (after conversion)
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When mixing really have to try it to find out if it will work.
I'm not sure if running them slower will make them more compatible.
I have never tried that.
Although in your specific case....I think there's a good chance they will work....but I don't think anyone can say for sure.
As far as upgrading to new MB.....same have to try them to know for sure.