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Question Mixing RAM

Jul 2, 2020
Is it possible to mix ram? I know you can't have different speed ram together like 3200 AND 3600 but could I use my 3600 RAM and lower it to 3200 to use it with my 3200 RAM?
I have 2x 8gb corsair vengence lpx 3600 and 2x 8gb corsair vengence RGB pro 3200 (both ddr4)

Any info on this would be nice.
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Mixing RAM is problematic.

Generally you can install faster RAM into a system along with slower modules but the system will only perform at the slower rate.

You must refer to the motherboard's documentation (User Guide/Manual) to determine what specific RAM modules are supported and in what slotted configurations.

Most motherboard User Guides will refer you back to the motherboard's manufacturer's website for more information and details. E.g., the QVL (Qualified Vendors List).

Another source of information are the various RAM manufacturers: PNY, Kingston, Crucial, Samsung....etc..

You visit their websites and enter basic information about your computer and the website will provide a listing of the RAM supported by your computer/motherboard. Not always 100% accurate but a consensus on the specs can be helpful.

Knowing your motherboard's make, model, and revision is the starting point.

Details matter so read all the notes and fine print both in the manual(s) and online.
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For a shorter answer to your question their no 100% answer. You might just plug it in set it to 3200 and it works, it might not work at all, you might can make some timing and or voltage adjustments and make it work.

QVL that is fine BUT it has really nothing to do with using different memory it only list memory that has been tested to work with the board in matched sets and their so many different memory that they can't test everything.
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