MLP FiM : Can we get a Brony count?

How devote are you?

  • I have no idea how people can watch that junk. Perverts...

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • I watch it with my kid, not bad and mildly entertaining.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

    Votes: 4 80.0%

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Hi guys. JUST wanna see how many My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic fans we have? How devote are you?

And lastly, I suggest you all give it a try, it really does bring joy... Corny I know...

EDIT : FINALLY this worked... Geez what a mission getting a poll going...


Pretty devote, browse EQD pretty regularly and listen to fandom music even more often. Read through FO:E and up to date with Project Horizons (great fics, especially if you already like Fallout).

Rarity is Best Pony :p


Not really my cup of tea. One of my colleagues is quite a fan, and he cops a bit of flack for it from the rest of the team (no more than another colleague does about his car though).

Hahaha Rarity? Now that is rare...

Colleague? What industry you in?



If you're referring to my job then it's not really my cup of tea either, but it pays the bills.

Without a doubt. If you take a look at the Fanart section of dA it's about 60% MLP.

I don't see how people live like that! Working but not liking it... Well to a degree at least. I enjoy my join, even when I wanna strangle some retard that dropped a Cisco on my toe.

Hahaha yeah I have noticed. I am trying to get Enji Night to do a Derpy Hooves cosply. She didn't seem very keen. The eyes must be challenging.



There are ways to deal with it. Some effective, some not. Some healthy (for lack of a better word), some not.

Surely easier than pre-FiM ponies though. The whole design is pretty simple by comparison. It's mostly just line art.

Uhm line art in cosplay? Think you are confused. THIS is Enji Knights page.

Edit : Or I am...



I skipped over the "cosplay" part. I have seen the term many times but have never bothered to look up what it is. Neither of us are confused, I'm just too lazy to Google :p

That's also not really my cup of tea. I prefer drawn/painted art.

Geesh, you do not know what cosplay is... Wow... :D

I don't do cosplay, but she does it so well. Anyway. Did you paint your cat?

Hahaha well spotted Sherlock... OK now I am just being mean. I was just teasing the man, he JUST said he likes painted art.



I know what it is, I just didn't pick up on the fact that that word is a reference to it. I tend not to use shortened terms unless they are acronyms or actual contractions (although this is not really a shortened word).

Well I don't have a cat for starters :) No, it's just a photoshopped image (which wasn't done by me). Actually I think it's a photoshopped photoshopped image.

Costume play? Never even realized that... Hmmm. Just blew my mind.
Although Cossup would not have worked. It seems more apt.


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A My Little Pony thread in Tom's? I never thought I'd see the day. Personally, I worship the Invisible Pink Unicorn (bless Her holy hooves) but non-believers failed to see Her on my avatar so I had to put my ugly mug on instead.

Just when you thought this thread couldn't get any more surreal. :D


Haha so you are the odd-mod on Toms, I was wondering when IT would show ITS face after being here so long.


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I'm pro-Smooze. Which, as you know, is a somewhat sentient purple arcane construct fashioned by the witches Hydia, Reeka and Draggle. And it would have been successful in ruining the fun of those ponies if not for the utter flutter power of the flutter ponies - and a distinct lack of flume in its creation.

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