Nov 11, 2011
After "resolving" a graphics driver issue by stopping the setup process in safemode at 80%, I was left with a functional graphics driver but no control panel. I left it at that, as I had tried every other solution offered on other threads to restore the control panel, but with the runtime of this problem (5 months) it seems bleak.

Now, as the graphics card is left only with a driver to handle games, balancing and functions may be out of check without a control panel. Whenever playing intensive games that used to run fine without issues, now that the control panel is gone, the laptop will suddenly shutdown under stress.

Last call for a NVIDIA Control Panel installation problem solution.
Attempted: -uninstalling everything
-reboot to safemode, sweep everything there too
-install in safemode
-install normally
-alter permissions in OpenGL registry
-stop setup process when reaching the NVIDIA control panel segment (only successful in installing driver)

Windows 7 64x Bit, GT 310M

[I also posted this on the Nvidia Forums, but the community is sluggish]