Mobile Hotspot & Gaming


Oct 19, 2012
So I came here a couple years ago for information on my first computer build and you guys were great. I thought of all places, this would be it for my current question.

I live in an area where all I can get is a slow DSL internet connection. 1.5Mbps at its best. It works, but I was wondering if there were better options? I'll take anything thats faster. Any ideas? Do the new mobile hotspots work very well? I'm playing on my desktop just for reference.

Thanks in advance.


Jan 20, 2012
What is the fastest wireless you have in your area? I am assuming if 1.5Mbps is the best DSL option your area is unlikely to have 3G or LTE, etc.

I am in a similar situation where the best I can get is a fixed wirles 2Mbps down and .5Mbps up. The cellular options are just Edge network from ATT which is basically slower than Dial up in practice and Tmobile offers a "2G", so the fixed wireless for me is the better option.

I have gamed on my laptop while traveling over 3G, and ATT's H+ (wanna be 4G basically) using my phone as a mobile hotspot and it was mediocre. Latency is typically floating between 200-400, and you have to deal with a few random spikes here and there. Obviously not ideal for any sort of competetive gaming, but it is workable.


Jun 1, 2012
I have used my 4S on AT&T for this, I used it for my XBox 360 for MW3 which worked quite well, the matchmaking would take a little while to set the ping high enough but then it would eventually find a game and be completely smooth no Internet lag. Same story for my PC on almost every game except BF3 which was a bit laggy. It works much better on pc if you tether with a cord instead of mobile wifi hotspot.