Mobile inte(r) 4 series family chipset


Jul 20, 2012
hi i have a mobile intel(r) 4 series family chipset graphic card with a 3GB memory, i understand that it is not powerful enough for gameing but could anybody help me and give me a list of some games that are recommended to play on it plz...any latest games or anyting ??
You won't be able to run anything recent with that graphics chip. It might be okay for some older games 3D accelerated games, say 2003 or earlier.

You're looking at stuff like Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Meadal of Honor: Allied Assault, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, the original Starcraft, the first two Age of Empires games, earlier Command and Conquer titles (Red Alert 2 or earlier, if you can get them to work properly on Windows 7), MechWarrior 4, and, of course a whole slew of DOS/Windows 95/98 era games. Be warned that Windows 95/98 era games don't always play nice with modern OSes. DOS based games usually run okay inside DOSBox. is a good place to get a lot of old titles. Most of their catalog will run on your system, as they mostly don't need 3D acceleration. Just avoid the modern stuff they are selling like the Witcher games, they won't run on your laptop.