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Question Mobile RTX 3060 (115W) running at boost clock while idle ?

Dec 22, 2020
I just got an Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 with a 115W RTX 3060. It runs great (barring the AWCC software that breaks if I even think about updating it) but there is something weird going on with the GPU. The core clock ALWAYS runs at 1702 MHz while idle, with regular split-second drops to about 400 MHz before going back to boost clock. Why is that?

I've searched online and found that having two or more monitors can cause this, but I'm only using the built-in laptop display. I even lowered my refresh rate from 165 Hz to 60 Hz but that didn't help. According to AWCC (Alienware Command Center) and MSI Afterburner my GPU usage is at 0% (the integrated AMD chip handles regular tasks). While gaming the issue disappears; the core clocks increase and decrease as necessary, from around 200 MHz up to 2000 MHz. It's just the idle part that's messed up.

I noticed that sometimes after playing a game the clock issue gets fixed. Idle clocks drop down to 200 MHz. But the issue returns after I reboot the laptop.