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Question Mobile Threadripper?


Jul 6, 2010
With the 4800U having a TDP of 10-25w, would it be possible for AMD to glue two of them together to create Threatripper mobile? just imagine a ultra portable workstation featuring 20w , 16 core mobile Threadripper.
Not really a threadripper.

You can get a 16 core 3950x laptop if you want https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-xmg-apex-15-review-ryzen-9-3950x-in-a-laptop
The issue is, it throttles heavily and has to be run in a low power mode.

Theoretically, yes, they could make a dedicated mobile 16 core, but it would have to be TDP down a lot.

My motherboard lets me lock a CPU to a certain TDP, down to 35w, so If i had a 3950x i could theoretically simulate a 35w laptop version.

Current Ryzen 4000 laptop CPUs are differently designed than desktop Ryzen. Desktop has multiple chiplets including a 12 (maybe 14nm) io die. Mobile is monolithic and has one die, with a 7nm io die and igpu baked in.
TDP doesn't work like that.

You cannot just glue 2 CPUs together given the monolithic nature of these mobile CPUs. Even if you could, the TDP would not simply double.

All of the CPUs with CPUs glued together like Pentium D has sucked.


A mobile Threadripper? How?
The 3960X and 3970X have 4, 8 core chiplets underneath their chiplets. Both have 280w TDPs.
To cram that level of performance into a laptop, when those things already struggle with 35-45w TDP cpus... that would be one big and heavy laptop...