Question Mobo/bios issue

Mar 24, 2022
Was running a ryzen 3500 on msi x570 mpg gaming plus, sapphire rx580 8gb gpu, 1tb pcie 4 sabernet rocket. 2 16gb ram g skills 3600mhz. 750w gold psu

Hooked onto gaming monitor via hdmi

Upgraded my cpu to a ryzen 5600x.

Swapped it without bios update didn’t work so I switched back to old cpu then updated bios.

Put in new cpu turned on. Worked fine could game. Tried another game realised virtualisation was turned off.

Then realised the pc skips bios splash screen and straight into Home Screen.

Also Couldn’t enter bios through uefi startup or Advanced startup to go into safe mode. Disabled fast startup(no help)

Reset cmos plenty times

Went into system configuration and checked on safe boot on boot tab.

Restarted pc. No post. The pc turns on no Q led indicators. Tried downgrading to the previous version. Boot led pops up and no post.

Turned around stared into the wall.

Thinking I might have to change motherboard

(T.T) help