mobo case and heatsink


Nov 2, 2008
hello, this is my 1st post in here..

i have a question.

I just bought some components, but i havent reciebed any of them.

the items i buy:

q6600 (evry body knows this)

msi p45 neo2 mobo

ati 4870hd 1gb


NZXT Alpha CS-NT-ALP-WOW Steel ATX Mid Tower

4gb ram, thermaltake PSU, etc...

but the question is. that i want to buy a heatsink, i like this ones:

Thermaltake CL-p0370

Thermaltake CL-P0114

i like to know wish of those are better, but more important than that is if those are going to fit in my case, without sacrifying ram space nor making any kind of mods (well maybe just some lapping).

i havent bought any heatsink because i dont know if its going to fit, since i havent reciebe my components.

so, hope i have explained my self, and that my english did not suck that much.
by the way, i eventually will to oc the cpu, thats why i want the heatsink.. i will go no more than 3.2 ghz. (just wana let you know, so you can make some recommendations, that will be my first OCing too. )


Jul 13, 2008
ya the artic freezer is a great heat sink and fan but also look at a zalman 9500A but both are great so pick the one you like better


Nov 2, 2008
tnx. well, tha zalman is ugly as hell :p and almost twice the price of the artic.. does it worth paying almost twice for it?

remember that i will go no more than mm lets say 3.4ghz, and price is very important to me, so if the arctic is good enough that would be great.

and remember the important thing is that those are going to fit in that case..

tnx alot.

feel free to correct my language issues.


i found this ones

there is a diference of 10 dlls, so i think 1 is better quality, i prefer the cheao one, but, i just want to know your recommendations, so i can make the deal.