Question Mobo compatibility rosewill srm-01 case

Apr 5, 2018
I’m upgrading from an hp 8300 business pc ( for light casual retro gaming, nothing new or overpowered in terms of gaming or applications )and I have parts from an older rig from ibuypower.
My plan was to put the following parts in the rosewill case
-i5 3470 cpu
-standard 500gb hdd
-corsair cx 600 psu
-standard 6 gb ram ( temporary, will upgrade later )
-gtx 650 ti oc
- standard cooler from the hp 8300

Firstly, is this an ok rig? I feel like cable management and airflow will be an issue.
Secondly, the motherboard from the hp 8300 does not fit in the rosewill srm-01 case at all. Would the msi b550m work? If not do you have any suggestions? Something under 100$ is my budget? Thx in advance.


You can't use that processor on the B550M motherboard if you're trying to just replace the board and add the existing hardware. In fact you won't be able to recycle DDDR3 rams on the new board either. You will also need a new PSU for the build if you intend to work with a B550M motherboard. Transplanting prebuilt PC hardware into an aftermarket chassis is often times a bad idea and in your instance it might very well be a silly idea. If you have the SFF version of the 8300, then the connectors are proprietary so you can't work with an aftermarket PSU.