Question MOBO compatible with this ram and cpu?

Aug 22, 2019
Hello, so recently I bought 2 stick of Patriot DDR3 8GB DUAL 1333MHZ CL9 RAM but it refuses to work, I just hear 5 beeps and all fans go crazy just like that:

I thought it's compatible with my PC which is HP Compaq 6000 Pro MT but after trying everything, I found the problem is it's "high density". Is there any way to make it work? If not,
Could you please tell me if there is any Motherboard I can get that support this memory, Q6700, HD6670 and works with my current PSU?
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Max memory supported per stick is 4GB for a total of 16GB.

If you can, return the memory and buy 4 known compatible memory sticks to get 16GB.

CT51264BD160B from Crucial would work.

The motherboard is pretty much unique to that era and system. Proprietary power supply, BTX form factor. Just a big pile of non-user upgradeability.

Were I you and budget allowed, I would start replacing the whole system. Given its age and poor design choices made by the manufacturer, it just isn't a great platform.

If you really want to try and find a newer HP/Compaq board that uses the same power supply, you might just have to start walking up their old product lines until you find one that support 2x8GB and that particular power supply.

Or, get a consumer motherboard, chassis, and power supply. But then you are halfway to a new system and you would probably be better off picking up a used CPU/motherboard combo. You could even keep the memory with anything up to a 4th generation Intel Core CPU.

Sorry I meant 2 stick of 4 GB not 8.
Yeah I know it's pretty outdated but I didn't really need to update it until now and I wonder if it would be possible to upgrade my whole setup using the ram I bought?Or I'll just return them as you say and buy exact same copy of what I have now.

No, it simply can't address memory sticks that large. You will probably find that true of most boards that support a Q6700. I believe this is slightly before they integrated the memory controller onto the CPU though, so there were also DDR2 boards available.

Lots of boards that support 16GB, but pretty sure it would be 4x4GB only.

It's a slight gray area for me, I pretty much only used AMD during those years. Though I knew many people with Q6600, 8GB of memory was the typical max people put in their systems. Often even OEM systems would come with 2x2GB or even 2x1GB.

Returning them or buying something like a Dell Optiplex 7010, i5-3570 for $70 on ebay.

Im not sure If I understand, I meant I want to change my cpu, gpu, mobo, etc. using this RAM it is not possible?

I am saying the board you have now can't. And finding a board that supports that CPU probably won't either. I did some quick checks, but only saw boards that supported 4x4GB for LGA775 (and those were nice boards)

As long as you purchase a CPU/Board that supports that size of memory it should fine.

Pretty sure most Core series processors would (maybe not 1st gen). All the AMD FX processors as well.

Why I suggested a cheap 3rd gen i5. There the memory controller is on board the CPU and you can look up its restrictions directly:

32GB max supported memory, 2 channels. So 2x8GB should be no problem since 4x8GB would also be supported. 2x16GB would not be, memory didn't get that big for non-ECC if I recall.

Sorry I meant 2 stick of 4 GB not 8. I found this mobo+cpu MSI B75A-G41+i5-3570, could you please tell me if this ram will work?

Will i5-3570+MSI B75A-G41 work with Patriot DDR3 2x4GB DUAL 1333MHZ CL9 PAMPATDR30073 RAM? I bought this memory but it seems cursed and "compatible with 10%"motherboards"... Could you please tell me what motherboards support this memory, thank you.

This ram should be compatable with your motherboard as it is modest clocked ddr3.

If you want to ensure a ram kit will work with your motherboard, i would concider looking for a kit of ram on the qvl of your motherboard.

Does the following link show your motherboard?

From the link:

"DDR3 1066/1333/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400 MHz(OC, 22nm CPU required) "

I would match the memory to the motherboard and not motherboard to memory without some driving requirement to do so.

And take a look at the other tabs (Product Specifications, Details, Data Sheet) in the link. Lots of "red notices" and disclaimer "*'s".

I found this one: PSD38G1600KH and it's the same I got now but faster and higher cl: PSD38G1333KH
Should I risk and order this mobo?
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