MOBO/ CPU and Memory ???


Mar 24, 2012
I already have the following for a new build:

Zalman LQ-320
ASUS Blu-ray BC12B1ST
Samsung 256 SSD 830 Series MZ-7PC/256B
Creative Sound Blaster X-FI
Kingwin LZ-1000 1000W PSU
NZXT Phantom PHAN 0001WHT

Here is the cut and paste:

Approximate Purchase Date: Within a month

Budget Range: Whatever it takes.

System for Games and Home (BF3, Boderlands2, Far Cry 3, Crysis 3)

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: Still need MOBO, CPU, Memory

Do you need to buy OS: Yes Windows 7. Home or Pro?

Preferred Website for Parts: Newegg

Location: CT USA

Parts Preferences: Intell and Nvidia

Overclocking: No

SLI: No, OK ... Maybe

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920X1080

Additional Comments: I plan on getting 16 MB of RAM. I have had RAM issues in the past and would like to stick to 2 8 MB sticks, it cuts down on the trouble shooting. I tried to do the right thing and buy the from the approved vendors list for a MOBO I was considering and there were no 8MB sticks approved. So first question is, how important is the "approved vendor list". I have G.Skill Trident series on my wish list, 2X8 DDR3 2133

CPU: Ivy Bridge? and Z77 MOBO? I am open to discussions. My first thought was Core i-7 3770 3.4GHz and the ASUS Sabertooth

Graphics: I can afford the 690 but I am a little concerned with heat. I DO NOT want to water cool the graphics card. I also wonder if the price to performance gain is worth it.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: It's time to build!

One last thing, I was considering putting in a TV tuner card as well. Any reasons not to? Any recommendations?

Thanks for listening.



For CPU, get an intel i5-3570K. An i7 is pointless for gaming.

I've got nothing against the sabertooth board but cheaper options are in a lot of ways better. Something like Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H or MSI Z77A-GD55

If you want 16GB RAM, get 2x8GB 1600/1866 MHz kit. You don't see much if any improvements after 1600MHz. I recommend G Skill Ripjaws X

For video card, get either a Radeon HD7970 or GTX670.


May 17, 2012
For gaming I would suggest the i5-3570k is pretty good and basically equal to the i7-3770k in terms of gaming performance. The i5 price is decent too unless you want to go for broke and get the i7.

For MOBO I would suggest either a Gigabyte or Asus with Z77 chipset I personally have a Gigabyte z77x d3h and it works pretty good.

Ram would be dependent on which MOBO you get but something with a low CAS.

The 690 might be a bit overkill imo a 670 or 680 would be sufficient for gaming.

I personally lean towards Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate 64-bit for the increase RAM and for total access to the OS...some of the limitation on the Home Edition is a hassle to work with.