Question Mobo CPU ez debug led turns on for 1 second and then nothing happens but after a few minutes CPU led turn on again

Mar 5, 2021
Hi! I've been struggling a lot with this. I recently updated my pc (changed mobo,cpu and rams), and since then I cant get my system stable. These are the specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G
RAMS: 2x8 Gb Elite 2400
PSU: 750w 80+ Bronze ( New )
VGA : Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
HDD : 2 TB
SSD : 120 GB ATA 3

I replace my PSU because my PSU broken for the first try my pc work very well for 1 hour, i also play DOTA 2 after that i got BSOD blue screen windows 10 ( Memory Management Error ) . After that my PC fail boot even to BIOS and only got flashing in debug led cpu .

I already tried removing the mobo batery but I can get my system to boot even to BIOS . I also tried with only one ram stick. But if i let my ram socket empty the led debug change to DRAM . I tried to remove the PCL cable for my VGA but my vga fan still spinning.

I tried to remove my VGA but i still got that flashing error just like a title

What is failing? Cpu, mobo or ram? Is there a solution for this? IMO, the rams have nothing to do with it, but Im kind of noob in this stuff. Im a bit sad bc I spent a lot of money for my PSU and got another problem
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