Mobo/CPU FSB & Relation to Memory Speed


Jul 4, 2003
Hi, apologies for what is likely to be a fairly basic question (i have kind of lost touch with things a bit). I am planning on upgrading my PC - I am looking to go quad core, as i current have an AMD rig i will need to upgrade the mobo, and memory also.

My question is: If a CPU has an FSB of 1066, I would presume that a mobo capable of the same FSB coupled with DDR2 533 would be the right combo. But i have seen some newer mobo's with FSB's of 1600 and then there is DDR2 667 (1333mhz) etc Is it worth getting a board with a higher fsb and memory to match if the cpu's fsb is lower or is it all seperate?

Any help is appreciated as i am now a touch confused. :??: