Dec 11, 2007
Hello all. It looks like it's time to get a new computer and I would appreciate some advice. So far I have decided to get a Q6600. I'm not waiting for Penryn because the Q6600 OC's well and the 8x multiplier on the q9450 looks like it may force me into an x38 or x48 board to get the same speeds as the Q6600 (not looking to spend that much when the p35 chipset has performed so nicely). Looking at some 2x2GB ram kits in the DDR2 800-1066 range... will probably go Mushkin. Looking at either the 8800gt or a lower EVGA card with plans to "step up" (however, 3870's in crossfire look very nice... one now and a later upgrade).

The hardest decision is always the Mobo. Like I said, I love the price of the P35's, not to mention all of the choices! Besides, with x48(?) around the corner i think x38 would be a mistake. I'm open to suggestions but I'm seriously considering either the Abit IP35 pro, or the Gigabyte DS4 rev. 2.0. Asus has always givin me good boards but they can get expensive. The two previously mentioned boards look fairly feature rich, as well as good OC'ers. I'm open to anyone else's suggestions hovering around 180-220 bucks. what do you guys think?