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Question Mobo died. Should I get the same one or a newer one?


Apr 10, 2016
I have a MSI 290x lightning GPU, Intel 4790k, and a MSI Z87 Mpower motherboard.

Recently, my motherboard died, so I need to get a new mobo. Should I just get the same one I've been using for the sake of compatibility? Or should I get a newer motherboard so that I can upgrade better in the future? Or will my current CPU or GPU somehow not be compatible?

In the future I'm looking to upgrade my GPU and CPU, and I'm assuming I'd need a newer motherboard for newer parts?

Or would I not be able to get a new motherboard without a new CPU due to its chipset?

TLDR: Mobo died. Should I get the same one or a newer one because I want to upgrade GPU/CPU in the future.

If you get a newer motherboard, then you will need to replace CPU and RAM.

If you are not planning to upgrade in the near future, then just get the same motherboard or a motherboard compatible with your CPU (LGA 1150 socket).
Getting a different motherboard might required a Windows re-installation.
For the 4790K you can only use the Z87 and Z97 boards if you want to keep overclocking. If you move to any other socket then the 1150 the you will have to get a new CPU and Ram.

Anything ryzen or gen 6-9 intel means you need DDR4 ram.
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