mobo going in for replacement, what do i do with CPU??


Nov 23, 2005
OKay im going to have to send my mobo in for a replacement cause the ram slot have gone south for the winter. THis is the first time i will have ever have to taken off my cpu from my mobo. Ive never even taken a Cpu of a mobo before so i need to know a few things. When i get ready to take off my cpu should i take off the heatsink and fan first , then the cpu, or can i take off the whole thing in one piece. I should mention this cpu is still under waranty to. another thing is that in the future i might try to overclock the cpu and i was thinking about buying some artic silver 5 to replace the standard thermal paste that came with the cpu when i bought it, but dosnt replaceing the thermal paste that came with the cpu heatsink bundle void the waranty. my temps on my cpu rock as it is, at idle they run between 28-32 degrees celcius, and at load run 39-44 degrees celcius, thats with some case fans by the way. 3 blowing in, 2 out, .Will replacing the thermal paste actually help, since the temps are good to begin with should i even bother changing the paste? by the way im going with the artic silver 5 thermal compound. oh and my cpu is a socket 754 64 3000.


Dec 30, 2005
1. any thermal paste other that is not recommended by AMD automatically voids your warranty.......

2. don`t let that scare you artic silver is a good choice

3. make sure you GROUND YOURSELF before you touch any components

4. unplug the computer

5. lift the latch that holds the cpu cooler carefully that will take the heat sink off
6. the next thing is really easy there is another latch that will release the cpu lift that carefully and then your on your way
7. when removing the motherboard again make sure your grounded
and when you ship your motherboard back make sure you ship it in a
anti static bag


Dec 29, 2005
I have never owned a 754 cpu but im sure you will need to remove the heatsink and fan before removing the cpu as the cpu is locked into the mobo by means of a small lever or lock that lifts up so you can remove the cpu and i couldn't imagine the lever lifting far enough to be able remove the cpu and besides the fan and heatsink are screwed down onto the mobo or anchored by means of a lever device anyway so you will have unbolt or lever it up. AS5 is the best performing paste ive used,just make sure you spread it thin and evenly to avoid and air pockets. Anybody please correct me if i'm wrong.
Maybe this link will be usefull,,30_182_869_1073%5e6678,00.html
I took the HSF off my P4 2.6c a few months after i got it, i uncliped the mounting bracked and carefully lifted the hsf and looked down and there was no cpu in the socket - it got stuck on the hsf cause of the TIM LOL - sucket it right out of the socket.

Luckily AMD added the heatspreaders on all their products so you cant damage the die.

If your cpu was to bo back under waranty they wouldnt know what thermal paste you were using anyhow.
That's an excellent link, syechotic. I left my thermal pad intact, and applied the thermal paste with a single edge razor blade so you could barely see it on the surface. So the warranty is still good. Intel doesn't care about the pad. They recommend using thermal paste after removal. I doubt if amd will void your warranty if you keep your mouth shut. Just don't volunteer the info if you need a warranty claim.


No choice. You have to replace the thermal interface material. What came with the chip is not re-useable.
As far as removal goes, you have to take the hsf off first, as the cpu retention arm can not be raised with the hsf attached. Pulling the cpu out without first raising the retention arm puts undue stress on the pins, and may damage them.
Some tips
1 First release the hsf tensioner. Then give the hsf a bit of a wiggle, side to side.Do the wiggling until it feels like there is no tension between chip and hsf, then lift the heat sink out. If it seems stuck, wiggle some more.
Once the hsf is removed, release the chip, and lift it out.
2 Use rubbing alcohol to clean the old TIM from bothe hsf and chip.
3 Go to the AS web site and download thier instalation video. Watch it 2 or 3 times before asking us how to do it.