Question MOBO/GPU damaged during shipping

Apr 11, 2022
I moved to a new area and during shipping my PC took a significant dent. Upon inspecting the damage my GPU was yanked out of its slot and the system won't show anything on my monitor. Motherboard is showing "VGA" on debug LED. I've checked power connectors and what-not, all seems good so I have no idea what to do. I've reseated it a few times and I can seemingly get it to sit in the slot properly but still getting the same debug LED.

Thankfully I insured it but I'd rather not have to build a new PC given that I don't have a very sterile environment to protect against static and whatnot where I am right now, and I'd like to salvage the GPU given the prices right now. Any help is appreciated.


If it got yanked out of the slot, the damage could be in the board. Try using the GPU in a different PC. If it works you might need a new board.

In general when shipping a system you should remove every card and the heatsink tower. Shipping is a stress and it can damage the system if they are left attached.