Question mobo: have FINALLY found all the parts, and now need the best mobo

Apr 7, 2019
  1. cpu/gpu = amd 2200g igpu
  2. ram = going for 16 or 32 or 64 ram, doesnt seem like anything about ram really matter besides the amount
  3. ssd/hdd = any ssd or hdd would do (there has not been any good tests or analysis from anyone that ssd is any faster than hdd for using youtube, or using chrome)
  4. power supply = dunno, i think this is picked after mobo, if this is before mobo, then whats the best power supply?
  5. mini-case = ill decide this after mobo is selected
requirement for best mobo:
  1. small size, any of the small size seems to be fine
  2. fits these parts
  3. easy to put together
  4. not excessive beyond what is actually needed
  5. anything else that is important, ppl that knows about pc building, and are informed on best parts should know what is important
the problem with small mobos is that the max ram of small mobos is 16? i dont know if that's accurate, really? all small mobos currently does not have more than 16 ram? if anyone knows, and that's the case, then just go with 16. simple solution

something that is best is not excessive of what is actually needed. this is obvious. when you dont use something, then it's being wasted and the value is not being gotten, so it's not any better than what you actually needed

this cpu for example was mentioned by that 1 right person who knew about cpus, and it's good enough, and it's probably above need, but it's a close enough pick, and that is what makes anything best, that you dont overpaid for something you dont need, and that is just gonna be wasted. this is obvious, and extremely basic info that anyone should understand about anything

other parts
  1. best wireless mouse = still not done (doesnt seem like any good quiet + wireless mouse exist yet)
  2. best quiet keyboard = not done (prob gonna have to go with a regular keyboard)
  3. display = not done yet (there's like nobody that really knows anything about displays)
so i had made some progress on this by myself since absolutely nobody anywhere has been helpful on the display topic -
and nobody has anything helpful to say about displays which is crazy

as for the ideal display, or anything even near the ideal display, that just doesnt exist (i guess since nobody knows) and prob wont for the next 10 years or more, so whats the point in even looking? just gonna go with the best regular display that's it

biggest lessons learned
  1. i think when i started this, prob the first most important thing to know is what part to pick first, there was absolutely nobody on this entire web that had anything helpful to say, but that 1 right person, nobody but them said that cpu was the first thiing you needed, or one of the first things, or any of the important things that was helpful to know, so you wonder who out there in the world actually knows anything about pc building, it's crazy how hard this is, and how there's so few ppl that actually knows anything. this is definitely the biggest lesson learned
  2. the 1 right person, that is the single most important thing is them, like all those helpful comments that say that 'ssd is better' when it's clearly not, and all this other nonsense from the other unhelpful ppl that dont know anything makes even asking not worthwhile because of those ppl. they should just let that 1 right knowledgeable person answer the question asked instead, that would be way more helpful
  3. how incredibly unknowledgeable* the vast majority of ppl are, it blows my mind how they dont link anything helpful or useful or even that actually answers the question that was asked - except for the 1 right person if you'll lucky to have asked when they are actually online, cos maybe they took a break from web, i dont feel like asking every single hour just to hope to find that 1 right person that actually knows the best answer to w/e was asked. it's not like the best answer is always gonna be on quora for any given topic -
cos it's not

unless there's verifiable links directly to good tests or analysis that ssd is significantly faster than hdd for using youtube, or using chrome, then none of us need any of this inaccurate info flooding this entire web of spam & useless info that is basically much of what is on google

so what's the best mini-mobo?

cos the best cpu/gpu at least in the past was amd 2200g igpu

the best mobo, at a minimal, fits the requirements above
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Mar 27, 2011
First things first, nobody wants to read a wall of poorly written text that doesn't even describe a clear point. I'd suggest to remove all the redundant stuff about the internet being wrong, basically remove everything other then the parts list, requirements list and other parts list.

You haven't stated what this pc would be used for, will you be gaming? Will you be rendering? Will you only be doing basic tasks like office and browsing? etc.

ssd's are faster then hdd's, there is no debate on this subject, there are thousands of charts and videos proving this, TH recently wrote an article with a top end hdd vs a sata ssd vs a nvme ssd.

If you are going for the smallest system possible, you will be looking for a itx board, if you are just using a 2200g with no plans for serious upgrades, any b450 or a320 model will be fine. Max supported ram is usually 2x16gb as there are only two ram slots on itx boards. Itx boards have a premium over m-atx and there only a habdful, so any itx board will do fine as long as it states support for secong gen ryzen.

The best apu's: 3400g>2400g>3200g>2200g>3000g>200ge, but if doing basic tasks the 2200g is fine.

From your previous post, you stated a desire to own a 1:1 ratio display, why you would even want such an obtuse thing is beyond me, the closest you could get is an old 4:3 from ~2005. Otherwise, just pick up any well reviewed ips display with a VESA mount if it doesn't have an adjustable mount. No point in getting a high refresh rate display with just a 2200g, so a 60Hz will be fine.